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Back in 2011, as a 28 year-old man, my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and I began our search for our first home in Denver. I was so frustrated with the lack of control I had when submitting offers, and I was always the last person to know anything that was happening during my agent’s negotiations (with my own money, for my own future house).

I kept finding listings online that my agent wasn’t presenting to me, causing further frustration. When there seemed to be a lack of understanding on my agent’s part of exactly what I was looking for, I found myself wondering “Why can’t I do this myself?” I submitted two offers, and both were rejected (and this was during the recession when I wasn’t competing against multiple offers) and I could not understand why. I became so disgruntled with the process that I ultimately changed career paths and became a Realtor in hopes that I could represent my clients more effectively.

I had a lot of revelations during my first few years as a Realtor. It repeatedly occurred to me that most home buyers would prefer to be in control of negotiating with their own money. Rather than working with and going through a middleman, I realized that it would be completely possible for potential buyers to be in total control of their purchase without unnecessary headaches. Hence… AgentZero was born.

AZ was created out of necessity for both the real estate industry, to catch-up to our modern day-and-age of technology, and for buyers to finally be in control of one of the biggest purchases of their lives. AgentZero is here to offer you all of the appropriate information, tips, and guidance as you navigate through the process of buying your dream home yourself.

Come visit AgentZero and discover for yourself a new way to buy a home – that we believe – is far less stressful than the traditional model.

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