The ABC’s of Real Estate

Real Estate Search ABCs

As I mentioned in the last blog post, ​Our Story,​ I decided to completely switch gears and become a Realtor after my own home search was such a frustrating experience. My first couple of weeks and months in my new career were a complete eye opener. I was shocked that the emphasis of my trainings wasn’t about learning the ins and outs of the real estate contract, or how to write strong offers that would stand out amongst the competition, or the different kinds of home loans available. Instead, the focus was geared towards the ABC’s…and I don’t mean the alphabet.

You may be familiar with the phrase “always be closing” (ABC). The focus is that the faster a client buys a home, the more money the Realtor makes as it relates to their time invested. Morals also often come into play as one is enticed by incentives – aka rankings on various websites – that improve with one’s quantity of sales. It’s funny how I’m currently envisioning an agent telling their client, “and here we come into this incredibly cozy kitchen!” (Cozy means small in real estate lingo).

Another component of ABC had me ranking my friends, family, past co-workers, people I went to school with as far back as elementary school, basically anyone I had ever met in my life, into categories of likelihood of potential sales. An “A” friend is someone who would most likely be able to afford an expensive home and wouldn’t occupy too much of my time. A “C” friend is someone who qualifies for a very competitive price range and could potentially result into multiple offers and months worth of working to find them an adequate home. I was a “C” buyer when I bought my home and there were times when my Realtor seemed too busy to answer my questions or help me.

I just wasn’t comfortable ranking my friends into those kinds of superficial categories, and if I felt that a particular home wasn’t right for a client, I would tell them so. To make matters worse, I was advised to “touch” my contacts (a touch is anything from a letter in the mail, magnets for a fridge, or blowing up my friends inboxes with annoying emails) 365 times a year (read: EVERY DAY) to stay “top-of-mind.” Ugh.

At AgentZero, we will never implement pushy sales tactics and our purpose is to provide you with valuable information and support on your home buying journey. Also, we fully understand that AgentZero isn’t for everyone – and that is OK. I also want to make it known that I do believe that there are some very good Realtors out there, and I had the great opportunity to work with many. AgentZero is just an alternative for those who are looking for something different.

I need to mention that my employing broker at the time was a great guy and I learned a lot from him – he was always available to answer questions, was incredibly organized, and always presented a calm demeanor that is not exactly standard in an industry wrought with emotions.

Kurt Rushin

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