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Maybe you’re sick of throwing away money towards monthly rent. Perhaps it’s time to take your relationship to the next step and move in with your significant other. Or, it could finally be time for you to fulfill your lifelong goal of owning a home. No matter why you’ve decided to begin the home buying process, chances are the whole thing might seem a bit intimidating. To remedy that intimidation factor, you may instinctively want to kick off the process by finding a real estate agent. Personality, expertise, and commission rates are all factors to consider when exploring real estate agents in your area. But what about trustworthiness? According to a Google Surveys poll, nearly 70% of Americans do not trust real estate agents, making the task of finding one that you can trust easier said than done.

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But, perhaps surprisingly so, it turns out that there is a different first step that many take in the home buying process. According to Properties Online, 54% of buyers claim to have jump-started their house hunting by searching online for homes, not for a real estate agent. While a slight majority start their home search online, a whopping 95% of home buyers use the internet to shop for a house at some point during the process. From these statistics, it’s clear to see that the internet has become a seemingly indispensable tool for yet another task – buying a home.

With so few people trusting realtors, and so many people going online to search for a home – doesn’t it seem like there’s a bit of a gap in the market? Why aren’t more people solely relying on the internet to buy a house? That takes us right back to our first point – intimidation factor. When it comes to things that seem overwhelming to the average person, buying a home might be right up there with filing complicated taxes, or writing a will. There are a lot of ins and outs of buying a home, and the internet just might not seem like a competent and complete enough guide, especially in comparison to a real person who makes a living off of helping people buy homes.

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But as you probably know, there are reasons why so many people distrust real estate agents. Commission charges and incentivized selling are likely some of the main causes. But what if there was a way to avoid having an unnecessary, and potentially untrustworthy middleman, in your search? What if there was a way to buy your home online, while still being supported by someone knowledgeable in real estate? What if there was a way to put the process back into your hands, so that you’re not just another appointment in an agent’s calendar?

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If you haven’t guessed it already, there is. That’s our mission here at AgentZero – to provide you with an alternative method of buying a home that’s 100% online, 100% supported even without a Realtor. AgentZero is available to guide you through getting qualified, scheduling a showing, and submitting an offer. Our salary-based team has no sales incentive, will accommodate showings to your schedule, and will make sure that YOU, the homebuyer, is in complete control regarding all negotiations. Not to mention, your agent-free offer will look a lot more appealing than a traditional offer, considering a chunk of commission will not be coming out of the sale price.

Legal questions? We’ve got that covered, too. While our team of buyers are trained in real estate contract negotiations, you may still want to speak to a lawyer at some point in the home buying process. We get that, which is why we’ve got a law firm on hand that can provide additional guidance should you want it.

So yes, buying a home may be intimidating. But a real estate agent isn’t the be-all, end-all. Forego the commission incentivized agents, and buy your home on your own (with the help and support of the AgentZero team, of course). Get in touch with us today to start searching for your dream home, on your terms.

Jillian Weidner

Chief Editor

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